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def ATSchemaEditorNG::ParentManagedSchema::ManagedSchemaBase::_lookupChanges (   self,
) [private]

Checks if schema has changed 

Definition at line 149 of file ParentManagedSchema.py.

00149                                             :
        """ Checks if schema has changed """
        provider = self.lookup_provider()
        if config.ALWAYS_SYNC_SCHEMA_FROM_DISC == True:
            # looking if schema has changed
            atse_schema = provider.atse_getSchemaById(atse_schema_id)
            object_schema = self.schema

            if create_signature(atse_schema) != create_signature(object_schema):
                LOG('ATSchemaEditorNG', INFO, 'Schema <%s> changed - refreshing from disk' % atse_schema_id)
                provider.atse_reRegisterSchema(atse_schema_id, object_schema)

        return provider.atse_getSchemaById(atse_schema_id)

class ParentManagedSchema(ManagedSchemaBase):

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