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ATSchemaEditorNG::interfaces::ISchemaEditor Class Reference

Inherits Interface::Interface.

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Detailed Description

a simple TTW editor for Archetypes schemas 

Definition at line 36 of file interfaces.py.

Public Member Functions

def atse_addSchemata
def atse_changeSchemataForField
def atse_delField
def atse_delSchemata
def atse_editorCanUpdate
def atse_fieldMoveLeft
def atse_fieldMoveRight
def atse_formatVocabulary
def atse_getDefaultSchema
def atse_getDefaultSchemaId
def atse_getField
def atse_getFieldType
def atse_getRegisteredSchemata
def atse_getSchemaById
def atse_getSchemata
def atse_getSchemataNames
def atse_init
def atse_isFieldVisible
def atse_isSchemaRegistered
def atse_registerObject
def atse_registerSchema
def atse_reRegisterObject
def atse_reRegisterSchema
def atse_schema_baseclass
def atse_schemataMoveLeft
def atse_schemataMoveRight
def atse_selectRegisteredSchema
def atse_unregisterSchema
def atse_update
def atse_updateManagedSchema

Private Member Functions

def _clear

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